Yacht Tek Ltd is a marine services company primarily involved with the removal and replacement of teak decks on all marine vessels and sailing craft.

Acting as the main distributor for Flexiteek Islands in Spain, the Balearics (Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca and the Canary Islands the company has a wealth of experience and enviable reputation in the marine industry.

Flexiteek 2G is the second generation of synthetic decking which is cooler, lighter and more realistic looking than our competitors decks borne out by the fact we are the trusted supplier to over a hundred major boatbuilding companies. The fully welded, UV resistant decks stand out in any marina as testament to the fact Flexiteek supplies more synthetic decks than any other deck manufacturer. Weighing 4.4 kg per square meter makes Flexiteek2G a viable alternative for high performance yachts and powerboats.

Flexiteek fully welded synthetic panels are made of 100% recyclable materials which on first viewing is difficult to think it is any thnig else but real teak The deck will not fade, dry out, split or crack and requires minimal maintenance.

Designed as an alternative to real teak, synthetic teak is hard wearing, low maintenance and easy to clean and comes in 10 different colours. Using soap and water most spills such as fuel, red wine and fish blood can be easily removed. Unlike a lot of other decks Flexiteek 2G can also be cleaned with a power washer to make short work of getting rid of stubborn stains.

With its excellent non slip surface, whether wet or dry Flexiteek 2G provides grip in the toughest of conditions whilst still looking good which ever colour you choose from the list below:

  • Carbon (grey and white caulking)
  • Off-White (grey and black caulking)
  • Grey (black and white caulking)
  • Scrubbed (black, white and grey caulking)
  • Weathered (black and white caulking)
  • Walnut (white caulking)
  • Bleached (black and white caulking)
  • Teak (black, white and grey caulking)

Planks come in a variety of sizes from 45mm, 60mm, 75mm and 100mm with the border sizes of 45mm, 60mm 75mm and 125mm.The material thickness is 5mm.



About Yacht Tek

Yacht Tek Limited is a marine services and sales company based on the south coast of the UK with offices in the Isle of Wight and Spain.

Our staff are fully trained to install any of the products shown on this website.

We can take on your entire rebuild project. Our services include stripping away old decking, surface preparation, templating and new deck installation. We manufacture new panels for self-fitting or professional installation.

For boat enthusiasts in the Uk, the Coastal Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Yacht Tek Ltd are the main distributors of Prestomarine lifts, a unique system of transferring your tender or jetski from the swim platform to the water or vice versa. These dinghy lifts make light work of launching a Jetski or small rib and are hydraulic or electrically powered. Installation can be carried out by our own engineers or if preferred your own installer.

We are approved distributors of Tek Tanks. These plastic tanks hold many advantages over stainless steel tanks and can be used for diesel, waste and water.These innovative, reliable, sturdy tanks carry a 5-year warranty.

Yacht Tek Ltd is also suppliers of excellent quality, competitively priced passerelles and liferafts.