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Benefits of synthetic decking

The benefits of using synthetic decking supplied by Yacht-Tek

Boats today use many modern materials. Carbon fibre and fibreglass provide structural strength, Kevlar in ropes and sails give products long life, while stainless steel has made rust a thing of the past. Now it is up to the decks to be treated to a high-tech modernization.

Yacht-Tek Panels are manufactured using the latest hot welding technology. This creates an unbelievably strong and waterproof deck and should not be confused with cheaper stuck together imitators. The panels can be applied to surfaces such as wood, steel and fibreglass. Its composite structure makes it flexible and non-slip, even in salt water.

Panel application is straightforward. Adhesive, a spreader and a roller are all you require.

Synthetic decking, while it is almost indistinguishable from wood, has the kind of benefits that only the sophisticated technology of scientific innovation and production can bring

Appearance: Will not fade, the surface effect “wood grain” is totally convincing. The finished installation is totally authentic, complete with all the usual detailing associated with a top class teak deck…… but without all the upkeep!

Durability: Unlike wood, synthetic decking does not require oiling, painting, sanding or scraping. Cleaning is simple and can be done with wipes for removing adhesives.

Life: Synthetic decking  is fully stabilized against UV rays, since it is colored throughout, retains its classic look for many, many years.

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